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Did you know that the foods you eat could be the cause of your oral ailments? Food not only has the ability to discolor your teeth, it can also destroy our tooth enamel, cause cavities, and cause physical damage to our teeth including cracks and fractures. Protecting your teeth and gums begins by exercising caution and watching what you eat.

Some of the biggest offenders when it comes to foods are those with sugar. Not only can sugar damage your teeth and gums, but it can also cause many health issues in your body. Sugar is broken down by bacteria in your mouth into harmful acids that can harm gum tissue and tooth enamel. Once the tooth enamel is broken through, a cavity develops which must be treated immediately. If left unchecked, tooth loss and infection can occur.

Foods that are highly acidic can damage your teeth the same way sugar can. Never eat acidic foods alone, but rather as part of a large meal to help to neutralize the acids they may contain. Some foods that are highly acidic include tomatoes and citrus fruits, and sour candy–one of the most acidic products you can eat.

Be careful of products that are too hard or chewy for your teeth. This includes hard candy, popcorn balls and kernels, candy apples, and other items that could potentially weaken, loosen, crack, or chip teeth.

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