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Keeping your teeth and gums safe from the dangers of dental erosion and tooth decay is an extremely important task, but it’s also important to set up numerous other oral health care guideposts to prevent other forms of damage that can occur to your mouth. One particularly devastating condition that can often arise is oral and throat cancer. To determine if you are suffering from it, always look for the symptoms.

If oral cancer is present in your mouth, various indications will exist. If you routinely have unexplained bleeding in your mouth or persistent sores that do not heal after 2 weeks, it could be caused by underlying conditions such as oral cancer. In addition, if you have any abnormal swelling, thickenings, bumps or lumps, eroded areas in your mouth or crusty spotting, it could be linked to oral cancer. Various discolored patches in your mouth including white, red, or speckled patches could also be an indication.

Be aware that various symptoms associated with oral cancer include frequent throat soreness, a chronic sore throat, difficulties when chewing, speaking, or eating food, unexplained weight loss, misalignments with your teeth, teeth moving out of rotation, and frequent ear pain.

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