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When you establish an effective oral hygiene routine, you will notice that it can have a substantial impact on preventing several risks that can be caused due to poor oral health. One of those risks includes bad breath. If you often find yourself at a heightened risk of bad breath, improving your cleaning or lifestyle habits can help. Below, we have listed some frequently questions about bad breath and how you can treat or prevent it:

Question: What is the most common symptom of halitosis, also called bad breath?
Distinct foul odors emanating from your mouth is a key sign that bad breath is occurring.

Question: What are some of the best treatments to use for preventing bad breath?
Preventing bad breath often depends on making sure that you are cleaning your mouth daily and visiting your dentist for routine checkups. If you are not brushing and flossing on a daily basis, you could be opening yourself up for plaque buildup and bacteria, which can often harbor foul odors regularly responsible for bad breath.

Question: Can bad breath be treated? If so, how?
To help lower your risk of bad breath, always make sure your mouth is clean and free of debris and bacteria.

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