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Dentures are appliances that can be removed that replace most or all of your natural teeth. They are made up of a flesh-colored base that sits over the gums. Replacement teeth are attached to this base. Dentures can help restore the functionality and appearance of the mouth.

It is natural for new dentures to feel awkward or uncomfortable for a while. This stage can last from a few weeks to a few months. Things like eating and speaking will take some getting used to. While your cheeks and tongue become accustomed to holding the dentures in your mouth, they may feel a little loose. While you are getting used to your dentures, excess saliva flow is also common. All of these things should improve and then cease with time.

Your dentures will need to be relined, remade or rebased because of normal wear after time. This is because your mouth will naturally change as you age. These changes can result in dentures becoming loose, which can make eating and chewing difficult. See Dr. Richard Cavallaro at least once a year for a checkup so the fit of your dentures can be assessed.

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