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If you are interested in having a strong and healthy smile, then one way you can achieve that goal is to make yourself a tooth-healthy lunch each day. This can help you prevent dental problems like cavities and enamel erosion. So, our dentist, Dr. Richard Cavallaro, encourages you to do the following things when you are making your lunch:

-Pack things with calcium: Calcium can make your teeth and jawbone strong. This is why it’s best to have foods and snacks that contain calcium. So, do your best to eat dairy products, like cheese, yogurt, and milk, each day.

-Pack things with vitamin C: Vitamin C can help your gums remain healthy and strong. So, make sure to pack things like oranges or red peppers in your lunch.

-Pack things with protein: Protein can help you keep your tooth enamel resilient. So, don’t forget to pack things like whole-wheat sandwiches with chicken, ham, or turkey.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about tooth-healthy foods in Lemon Grove, California, please contact Lemon Grove Dental Group, Inc today at 619-569-1925. Our dental team will be thrilled to help you have a better and healthier lunch, and we look forward to hearing from you!