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Have you noticed an immobility near your jaw where it meets your head? Is it accompanied by pain and a popping sound? Are these issues affecting you while eating or speaking? You may have temporomandibular pain or temporomandibular disorder. These conditions are commonly referred to as TMJ pain or TMJ disorder.

There are a number of ways for these conditions to develop. Bad posture could be a factor. When a strain in the neck occurs, it can also lead to the jaw muscles also developing strains. An inflammation of the joint can occur when it’s overworked. Habits you may have habits such as jaw clenching or grinding your teeth can lead to TMJ disorder. Thankfully, these issues can be treated.

The way you will be treated will be determined by Dr. Richard Cavallaro based on the way your TMJ pain developed. Bad posture can be corrected by the patient practicing regular exercise. If stress is the culprit, you can practice relaxation techniques to help. A prescribed custom splint for you to wear at night to help with pain may also be used.

TMJ pain can sometimes be attributed to the teeth’s alignment. If this is the case, orthopedic treatment such as braces will be needed. For a consultation on TMJ disorder, or to schedule an appointment, please call Lemon Grove Dental Group, Inc in Lemon Grove, California today.