As part of your comprehensive dental exam, our dentist will perform a TMJ and bite evaluation. This portion of your exam is designed to determine if your jaw is functioning correctly. Bad bites and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunctions can cause pain and discomfort, and our caring dental team want to ensure that you enjoy good oral health. Call us at 619-569-1925 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Richard Cavallaro at Lemon Grove Dental Group, Inc, and to learn more about our evaluations for your bite and TMJ in Lemon Grove, California.

When you visit our office, our dentist will carefully examine your jaw and teeth, and feel your jaw joints to check for any tender areas. He will also ask you to bite as you normally would, in order to evaluate the function of your jaw and listen for any popping or clicking sounds. Dr. Richard Cavallaro may also use digital x-rays to more closely examine the structure of your jaw.

TMJ disorders are characterized by pain in the jaw, face, neck, and shoulders, facial swelling, clicking and popping sounds, and difficulty in chewing. Treatments to correct TMJ disorders and bad bites include mouth guards, mild pain relievers or muscle relaxants, splints, surgeries, or dental work to correct missing or misaligned teeth. After careful examination, our dentist will work with you to plan out a course of treatment that will provide the best results.

For more information about TMJ and bite evaluations, and to make your appointment with our experienced dentist, please call our office today.