When you receive a dental exam at Lemon Grove Dental Group, Inc, our dentist will perform a dental decay evaluation to check for any signs of tooth decay or disease. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, we can now check for dental decay with great accuracy than ever before! Give us a call at 619-569-1925 to learn more about our dental decay evaluation in Lemon Grove, California, and to schedule your exam with Dr. Richard Cavallaro.

Preventing dental problems can save you money and time at our office, as well as helping you maintain good oral health. At your comprehensive dental exam, our dentist checks for indicators of disease and decay in your teeth to ensure that your smile remains healthy. We check for dental decay both visually and with advanced technology like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras.

Some of the indicators for dental decay include:

  • Visible cavities – if a cavity or other form of decay is visible without the use of dental imaging technology, you will need treatment to correct the problem quickly.
  • Early decay – early decay is generally only visible through the use of digital x-rays, or other technology. Fortunately, early decay is very easy to treat, and our dentist can quickly provide the care you need to restore your oral health.
  • White spot lesions – these are usually the first sign of decay in teeth, and appear in the contacting areas of adjacent teeth. White spot lesions can often be reversed with fluoride treatment.
  • Cavities within the past 3 years – if you have experienced cavities within the past 3 years, you are at higher risk for tooth decay. Our dentist will take this into consideration, and will carefully examine your teeth for any signs of decay.

Remember, preventing dental decay is always the best option.

If you have any questions about our dental decay evaluation, and to make your appointment with our experienced dentist, please contact our office.