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Losing a tooth to severe tooth decay or extraction can carry significant ramifications for the health and function of your mouth. Beyond merely impairing your ability to chew food efficiently, it can also mar your appearance and cause you to slur your speech. If it’s not restored in a timely manner, the void can cause alterations in the position and alignment of the surrounding teeth.

One way to prevent this from happening is to have your dentist, Dr. Richard Cavallaro, replace the tooth with a dental bridge in Lemon Grove, California.

The dental bridge will eventually be anchored onto abutments that are formed out of the healthy core of the two closest teeth. Dr. Richard Cavallaro will form the two abutments by removing the tooth enamel from each tooth. The abutment will contain the dentin layer surrounding the healthy pulp and root of the tooth.

Your dentist will then make an impression of the abutments, the void, as well as any other relevant teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab as a guide while the technicians create your new bridge. Your dentist will then secure temporary crowns over each abutment to protect them while the lab technician works.

We will call you to schedule a second appointment once your new bridge is completed. The temporary crowns will be removed and your new bridge will be cemented into place with a special dental adhesive.

If you are interested in having a missing tooth restored by a dental bridge in Lemon Grove, California, you should call 619-569-1925 to schedule an appointment at Lemon Grove Dental Group, Inc.