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Your teeth have been designed to have the durability to chew most common foods. However, there are times when abnormal occurrences can chip tooth enamel. This is often something as innocuous as grinding your teeth at night or using your teeth as tools.

If the chipped tooth doesn’t cause heightened sensitivity, you might be tempted to forgo treatment. This could prove to be a serious miscalculation as the damaged tooth enamel could trap food particles and plaque, causing a new cavity. This could seriously threaten the longevity of an otherwise healthy tooth.

For a small chip, Dr. Richard Cavallaro might be able to repair it with a simple dental filling. If it’s on a tooth in your smile, he might recommend a porcelain dental veneer.

A sharp or persistent pain in a chipped tooth likely means that the damage has affected the dentin, pulp or root within the tooth. In a situation like this, Dr. Richard Cavallaro might need to perform a root canal to replace the damaged part of the tooth and restore the entire enamel layer with a dental crown.

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